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Tinabo Island Dive Resort

Tinabo Island Resort, Taka Bonerate, IndonesiaTinabo Island Dive Resort is located in the heart of one of the richest place of marine biodiversity in the world, Taka Bonerate archipelago (Kepulauan Taka Bonerate), South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. It has everything that you are looking for if you are a sea-lover. Among those islands there, we chose Tinabo Island as our base to enjoy diving, snorkeling, or just lay down under the sun avoiding hustle and bustle modern life.

Our island is a small beautiful island, with length around 1,5 kilometers and width 400 meters, surrounded by greenish blue crystal clear water and protected by several other un-inhabitant islands. All the beach surround is white sandy beach.

For the crazy beginner and advance diver, this place offers abundance of possibilities; as the contour has wall, slope, and flat seabed. Each dive will give different level of experiences.

For hardcore underwater photographer, dive spots around Tinabo Island offers many challenges, as the variety of objects are a lot and visibility most of the time is 30-50 meters, even more. Easily you can find one of rare critters like flatworms, nudibranches, shrimps, crocodile fish, turtles, cuttlefish, in almost every dive. Some times you can see also shark, eagle ray, manta ray, bump head passing by. We even have resident lobster, pipe fishes, and batfishes near the jetty.

Star fish, Taka Bonerate, Indonesia

Those beauties underwater sight are not only for scuba divers, as a lot of places has beautiful soft corals and colorful fishes moving around just only 1-5 meter from surface. This will be heaven place for a snorkeller as well.

As we are the only human there, no other people outside us, some of our guests like to book the island privately to enjoy the nature there. Imagine that you can be together there with your big family, or with your close colleagues, or with your club members, decide it!. You can enjoy the island, you yourself with your love ones. It will be a priceless moment. 



Taka Bonerate, Indonesia

One of the best dive destinations that offer all year around diving experiences